Why choose Spain?

It is surprising soft climate and magnificent landscapes, a refined cuisine and fine wines, unique culture and architecture, the friendly people. The most long resort season, according to here 320 sunny days in a year, the favorable ecological situation, the best Mediterranean beaches noted by a blue flag of the European Union for purity of the coastline and quality of rendered services - all this always attracted and now continues to attract foreign investors.

Accommodation costs here are significantly lower, than in other states of Western Europe. On a standard of living Spain is included into the first ten EU countries. In comparison with some leading European Union countries of real estate price is lower, and to overcome the formalities connected with purchase, much easier. Also, feature of purchase of real estate is connected also by that mainly that buys indigenous people here is on sale, i.e. the market has no characteristic division for other European countries on real estate for local population, and real estate for foreign buyers. Therefore economists consider that such investments are less risky, and the market stabler.

In the housing legislation of Spain there are no restrictions on purchase of inhabited and commercial real estate by foreigners. At housing acquisition, in property it is made out both construction, and the earth. All procedure happens rather simply.