Salinas - rest with rehabilitation!

Spain is rich not only the sea and the sun, orange, olive groves and vineyards: in Spain there are a lot of curative mineral sources, thermal waters and medical dirt.

Spain by right is considered one of the richest with Mineralnye Vody and medical dirt the European country as in any province of Spain there are a lot of curative sources for treatment of various diseases. Their history goes to depth of centuries. The first people who have appeared on the Iberian Peninsula, learned to use curative sources, watching animals who came to them to heal wounds and to gain strength.
The southern part of the coast Costa Blanca in the Province of Alicante and the province Murcia abound with the natural salty lakes called "salinas".

The part from them is used for salt production from sea water, the part is taken away under the natural reserve where live tens bird species, including the well-known pink flamingos, and part Salinas attract thousands tourists and locals with the medicinal waters and dirt.

The purest ionized air of these places is shown to the people having respiratory diseases, antritis, an allergy. The majority of the problems connected with airways, in vicinities of these salty lakes quickly take place by itself.
The biggest natural salty lake not only in Spain, but also in Europe carries the name Mar of menorahs and is in the region Murcia. The history of its creation is surprising: the sea current brought with itself sand which settled on underwater rocks, then the strip which has turned out thus of land isolated small part of the Mediterranean Sea. And the lake of 170 quarter of kilometers turned out. Therefore a reservoir also christened "Small Sea Strait".

The lake superficial (on the average depth is no more than 7 meters), water here always the warm. From the Mediterranean Sea it is separated by a sandy twenty-kilometer braid. Width of the last fluctuates from 50 to 1000 meters. Many tourists have a good time that having plunged into cold water of the Mediterranean Sea, cross in warm waters of the salty lake Mar Menor.

The salty lake Mar Menor is well-known for the high concentration of salt – about 50 percent. It is the most salty in the territory of Europe. Thanks to these properties of water, the lake is capable to cure of many diseases, especially diseases of the musculoskeletal device, joints.

Northern part of Small Sea Strait which is called as Charcas de las salinas (Salt pools) the small and salty. Therefore this part заповедна, and also is rich with medical salts and dirt. Dirt differs the high maintenance of cations, calcium, magnesia, potassium, fluorine. Conducted in 1995 University of Murcia researches also showed unexpectedly high content in this dirt of anions, chlorine and sulfates. Local dirt applies to clarification of skin and all organism from slags, them recommends for treatment of many skin diseases, such as: abscesses, ulcers, furuncles, acne. Many women use local dirt as means of elimination of wrinkles, face skin rejuvenation. Curative dirt helps and at stretchings of muscles or solar burns.

Bathing in warm waters of a lagoon (water here is much warmer, than in the most Mediterranean Sea) and mud cure perfectly work on skin, improve blood circulation, is brought out of an organism by toxins, fight against inflammatory processes in an organism, promote a muscular relaxation...

Two other large salty lakes –  Salinas de Torrevyeja and Salinas of de La Mata are located in the Province of Alicante on the suburb of the city of Torrevieja.
The salty lake of pink color of Salinas de Torrevyeja since the 13th century was considered as royal possession. Salty lakes surrounding Torrevyekhu, create its unique microclimate, softening cold and a heat therefore in the winter here than degrees is five warmer, and in the summer on the same five degrees is more cool, than in remote from it on any 40 km of Alicante or Cartagena.

Lagoon of Torrevieja – Pink, and that that in La Mat – Green: however color of these salty lakes is very changeable: it depends on lighting, on time of day, on a season... The pink lake happens so rich color that seems almost red! And at times it happens gentle-blue, but the pink shade remains always. The green Lagoon – sometimes and the truth absolutely green, but more often happens silvery or bluish-gray.
The composition of dirt and Salinas de Torrevyeja's water in accuracy corresponds to the Dead Sea, only here they even more saturated and concentrated.

Salinas allow to restore health to the people having diseases of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system.
Dirt which can be dug out in some places near water салинасов in Torrevyekhe or San Pedro de Pinatar, is favorable for skin and a number of an internal, and peresyshchenny hydrochloric solution does skin softer and more gentle, kills pain and it is recommended to the people having arthritis, rheumatism, gout, nervous breakdowns and any pathologies in joints, and also that who undergoes rehabilitation after fractures of bones.

In the territory of the salty lake Salinas de La Mata is located the natural reserve in which hundreds bird species live: tens species of seagulls, ducks, geese, cranes, herons and other waterfowl, and also the biggest lives in Europe population of pink flamingos.