Deny's surrounded with mountains the small resort town, is located in the north Costa-Blanca.

Deniya - the high-class resort therefore rest will manage slightly more expensively, than in other centers of beach rest in Costa-Blanca. Rest in Deny uses the greatest popularity in the second half of July and in August.
Extent of beaches in Deny makes 20 km. All beaches - golden and sand, with a flat entrance to water; along the coast algas meet. In June water gets warm on the average to 21-22 degrees; by August - to 27 degrees.
The beach of Punta del Raset was stretched at the beginning of Les Marines Road; its length makes 600 m. Hire of umbrellas, chaise lounges, and also catamarans acts on a beach, there are bars, shower cabins and zones for beach volleyball and soccer:
The beach of Albaranes was stretched at the beginning of Les Marines Road. Beach length - 500 m.
On a beach of Les Marines rent of chaise lounges, umbrellas, and also catamarans is available. There are platforms for beach volleyball, shower cabins, bars and restaurants. On Les Marines small golden sand; there are special zones for people with limited opportunities. Beach length - 2,7 km, width - about 40 m; in the south borders on Albaranes beach, in the north - on Les Bovetes. The beach received "A blue flag" in 2004, 2005 and 2006.
On a beach of Les Bovetes platforms for beach volleyball, bars are located; rent of umbrellas and chaise lounges is available. The beach well is suitable for family rest with children. Beach length - 1, 9 km.
The beach of Molins enjoys wide popularity. On a beach rent of small yachts is available. Molins regularly passes check on compliance to sanitary standards, however the beach has no "A blue flag".
L'Almadrava beach - one of the biggest in Deny; settles down to the North from the downtown, on Les Marines Road. The beach is focused on family rest, zones of games for children and waterslides ashore are located. Also on a beach there are platforms for beach volleyball. Beach length - 2,9 km, width - 20 m.
On well equipped beach of Les Deveses bars, zones for beach volleyball and soccer and shower cabins are located. Rent of umbrellas, chaise lounges and catamarans is available. On a beach it is rather windy that creates fine conditions for occupations by sailing and windsurfing. Les Bovetes length - about 3 km; the most part of a beach consists of small golden sand, however is closer to the southern border roundish stones prevail. The beach received the Blue flag from 2003 to 2006, and also in 2008 and 2011.
In Deny it is a little hotels therefore placement should be reserved in advance. Unlike Benidorm, the majority of hotels, and also apartments in Deny are located in low lodges.

Deniya's heart - the picturesque and cozy historical downtown where ruins of a medieval castle, ancient churches and monasteries are located. The Archaeological museum and Museum of toys in which the toys made in Deny in the XX century are presented will be interesting to children.
Near Deniya, in the small town Virgel, settles down Safari Park where lions, tigers, rhinoceroses and buffalo s live in habitat - and it is possible to see them, having gone to a safari round on a jeep. Also Safari Park is known for Performance of dolphins.


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