1. Tax on natural persons on real estate (IBI): the tax goes for purity and order maintenance in the city (cleaning of streets and beaches, gardening of territories and sports zones, etc.). It is paid once a year, the rate of a tax varies from 0,5% to 2% of the cadastral cost of housing.
  2.     Payment for the residence:  service charges of public zones in your complex, such as swimming pools, green zones, entrances, corridors in buildings, the elevator, etc.).  The annual budget is expected so that to cover these expenses, and divided between all owners.  Depending on the size of real estate, the size and quantity of public zones of a complex, such payment can make from 10 to 120 euros a month.


  1.     Electricity
  2.     Water
  3.     Phone
  4.     Real estate insurance

The payment for electricity and phone is monthly brought, payment of water is made, as a rule, 1 quarterly. Payment of an insurance is made once a year. All payments are carried out automatically, by removal of money from your account in the Spanish bank.

Income tax for foreigners: this tax is paid by foreign citizens for seizing in Spain. It is estimated on the basis of the cadastral cost of real estate and varies from 0,26% to 0,48%.