General information

During real estate search in Spain buyers as a rule interests in what condition this or that real estate object, year of construction the condition of the house in which is a real estate object, elevator existence (if it is the apartment, or a penthouse), already available conveniences, parking spaces and that is a row (shops, schools, kindergartens... ) . But the region in which there is a house or the apartment, climate of the district such factors too influence a choice at real estate purchase therefore you shouldn't dismiss them.

First of all it is necessary to be defined, the big city, a small resort or the village. Many are attracted by known names: Madrid, Barcelona, Palm tree de Mayorka or Seville. But the brisk rhythm of life of the city will suit not to all. Someone looks for the house, the apartment in removal from the noisy cities. Such concept already practises in Spain as "satellite town" that allows to pick up real estate in the suburb of Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, instead of in the city.

In order that it is good to learn the country, it isn't enough to examine reference books. Independent travel on regions of Spain will allow to understand better than advantage of each area. Purchase of the house is defined by desire to acquire real estate closer to the city or the sea line, golf club or natural park in order that not only own wishes, but also preferences of all family members could be considered at a real estate choice. For a start upon purchase of housing it is possible to try to rent real estate in the silent rural areas, the city or the suburb personally to look at all advantages and shortcomings. For fans of dry and hot weather it is possible to offer South coasts, and the quiet climate of the North becomes opportunity to have a rest from heat.

Special popularity upon real estate purchase in Spain uses coasts of Spain: Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa Asakhar, Costa Blanca. Sea beaches differ purity and appeal, are surrounded with the developed infrastructure.

If you decided to acquire real estate on the coast, the housing estate with the pool, the general green zone can become an optimum choice. This complex can be on some removal from the sea line, but thus you will have an access to own green zone, and the car will allow to reach quickly to water. And as special popularity was gained by townhouses, country houses with own green zone and the pool that allows all family to have a rest not only during holiday, but also every day.

Special offers

Two-bedroom apartment on the seafront and beach del Cura

170 000 € Sale

1 salon 3 bedroom, total square: 110 m2

Apartment, first line morya.Kosta Blanca, Torrevieja

126 000 € Sale

1 salon 3 bedroom, total square: 89 m2

One bedroom apartment, pristizhny beach area Asekёn

53 000 € Sale

1 salon 2 bedroom, total square: 58 m2

Villa on the Costa banka.Oriuela, prestigious urbanization Blue Lagoon

150 000 € Sale

1 salon 4 bedroom, total square: 150 m2

New buildings. 3 apartments in the same house, 2,3,4 floors

160 000 € Sale

1 salon 3 bedroom, total square: 120 m2

Villa in the prestigious urbanization Los Balcones

180 000 € Sale

1 salon 3 bedroom, total square: 140 m2

One-room apartment, 150 meters from the sea and the beach

47 000 € Sale

1 salon 1 bedroom, total square: 55 m2

One bedroom apartment in a prestigious area of ​​the park of nations

60 000 € Sale

1 salon 2 bedroom, total square: 60 m2

Four apartments with panoramic views of the sea and the promenade

290 000 € Sale

1 salon 4 bedroom, total square: 120 m2

Villa, tech, Costa Blanca region Mil Palmeras.SROChNAYa SALE!

800 000 € Sale

1 salon 4 bedroom, total square: 340 m2