Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca (Costa Blanca) - Kurortny district on the Mediterranean coast which name is translated from Spanish as "the White Coast". This area to be famous for the unusually warm climate when all Europe still is in the power of winter, here orange and mandarinovy trees already blossom. The resort received the name thanks to white color of rocks which reliably protect a coastal zone from norths from a land and sharp differences of temperatures.

Annually Costa Blanca attracts hundreds thousands tourists from all over the world which want to have a rest on picturesque beaches, to lodge in the comfortable house, the apartment, to take pleasure in excellent service and cheerful night life.

Climate here the most favorable. Average air temperature in the south Costa Blanca makes in the winter about 19 °C, and in the summer - 32 °C. Water temperature respectively in the winter - 13 °C, and in the summer - 29 °C.

Cities and sights

Alicante (Alicante), is the main town Costa Blanca as near it there is an airport and this city is the card Costa Blanca, meeting bulk of tourists. In Alicante it is possible to visit a set of cultural and historical sights.

Playa de San Juan Condomina, a beach of Alicante which welcomes guests warm water of the Mediterranean Sea and clean gold dust. Extent of this beach along the coastline makes about 7 km, and in width from 50 to 100 m. Each tourist will find for himself option of rest which he prefers. This beach is noted by the Blue flag of the European Union for purity of the coastline and quality of rendered services.

Benidorm (Benidorm) - the largest resort of the coast Costa Blanca, in addition, Benidorm is one of the best-known resorts of Spain. Thanks to very advantageous geographical position in this region of Spain the unique microclimate with rather constant water temperature and lack of overcast was created.

The developed infrastructure of rest and entertainments annually attracts a great number of tourists, among which most of all youth. Especially brisk the resort becomes in summertime. Along wide city embankments the set of modern hotels, restaurants, cafe, bars, shopping centers, night clubs and discos settles down. And spacious city beaches represent an ideal picture of blue of the sea and gold dust. All wishing can take pleasure in rest, acquiring a tan or bathing in warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. For fans of outdoor activities the set of the centers, suggesting to be engaged in different types of sports is located.

It should be noted that in any other Spanish resort there is no such stormy and cheerful night life, as in Benidorm. Night in Benidorm is an incessant festival of fires, music and fun. There are a lot of perfectly organized discos in which fascinating various show competitions are often carried out. A large number and variety of night clubs, bars, restaurants - from traditionally Spanish to exotic bars represent not all list of entertaining institutions of Benidorm.

Torrevieja (Torrevieja) - one more resort of the coast Costa Blanca which name in a translation from Spanish is meant by "an old tower". Its popularity consists in uniqueness of climate which is provided with a geographical position of the area. From the South and the North the city is fenced with the mountains protecting it from influence of cold and droughty winds. However, the main feature of Torrevieja is that the most part of the city is located on the plain between the sea and two large lagoons because of what doesn't happen strong fats in the summer, and in the winter - is cold.

In Torrevieja the resort infrastructure is quite developed. Here the set of the restaurants, suggesting to try traditional Spanish, European and east cuisine is located. In addition, in the city there are many shops, shopping centers and supermarkets, and also various entertaining institutions: bars, discos, night clubs, aquapark and many other things. Vacationers in Torrevieja in the Palace of music can visit concerts of stars of the Spanish and European platform. In addition, here it is possible to visit some museums, an entrance in which free.

Salt lagoons (Las Salinas) in Torrevieja is one more bright sight of the city. Now, these lagoons in which, centuries evaporated salt, represent the national reserve. However, uniqueness of these places as well that they were chosen by the most beautiful and majestic birds - a flamingo.

Denia (Denia) is a large seaport on the coast Costa Blanca which settles down at the bottom of the mountain of Montgo (Montgo) which height makes 753 m. The city is between the cities of Alicante (97 km) and Valencia (96 km). In addition from Denia ferries to Balearic Islands regularly depart.

Denia was formed first by Phoenicians who looked for minerals, then, Greeks, comers here, constructed port, and here board of the Roman Empire has a great impact on a cultural development of the city. Architectural monuments of those times can be seen to this day in Denia. Opposite to the ancient building of the City hall, on Plas Square of De Konstitusyon (Plaza de Constitucion), the church constructed in the XIII century towers. Also in the city it is possible to see the remained walls and the towers of the lock constructed at the time of board of Moors.

Tabark's (Isla Tabarca) island has history which is closely connected with history Costa Blanca. The island which waters were recognized to sea reserves in 1986 располежен in 8 kilometers from beaches of Alicante. Here beautiful beaches which interrupt picturesque rocky rocks. It is possible to reach on Tabark's island on boats which depart from Alicante port.

But not only beaches, restaurants, discos and museums attract tourists on rest on the coast Costa Blanca. That there are magnificent holidays, carnivals and festivals which with big размахов are held in these parts!



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