To us go-go

Created on 14.12.2013 21:18:28

Low Cost of airline exceed the plans. This year, thanks to the service provided by Low Cost by airlines, many foreign tourists used opportunity to arrive on our Mediterranean coast, without having undermined the family budget.

Only in October, 2013 to the Valensiysky region 455.244 passengers that is 14% more, than in October of last year arrived. Three quarters of these foreigners landed at the Alicante-Elche airport.

Only 3,2 million. The tourists who have arrived in the region this year, 76,6% descended on the earth at the main airport of the province. For comparison: in the current year the airports of Catalonia accepted 7.7 million. International passengers, Balearic Islands – 7,2 million, Andalusia – 4,4 million.

Thus, our region takes the fourth place in popularity at foreign tourists among the main tourist areas of Spain.