The market of real estate will be restored to 2016

Created on 07.01.2014 19:13:36
The market of real estate will be restored to 2016

The situation in the market of real estate of Spain in 2013 changed, analysts of Bankinter bank consider.

In Madrid and Barcelona falling of real estate prices stopped, and experts believe that the sector enters a restoration phase which will come to the end in 2016. In the report on housing in Spain experts counted that in the country there are at least 740.000 not sold objects of housing, and 150.000 from them to sell while it is impossible owing to their arrangement in unattractive areas and "cities ghosts". In Bankinter consider that in 2016 activity in the construction sphere will renew.

According to the experts, in 2014 the number of the objects offered for sale will be reduced to 630.000 that will occur due to increase in demand which, however, will be the extremely moderate. When this indicator will reach a point in 500.000 that has to occur in 2016, activity in the Spanish market of construction will renew.

In 2015 as demand, and real estate prices will somewhat be restored. Housing sales in 2014-2015 will grow thanks to two factors: to economy improvement as a whole and bigger appeal of investments into housing.

Experts consider that the sector of real estate shows restoration signs for the first time in five and a half years, however the market won't manage to return to indicators of the period of blossoming. "The Spanish real estate in the next months still will be good investment opportunity with a condition of careful selection of assets", - experts conclude.