Luxury real estate in Spain again in demand among Russian citizens

Created on 14.10.2013 22:49:05
Luxury real estate in Spain again in demand among Russian citizens

In Spain where acute economic and financial crisis in recent years is observed, sale of elite real estate and other luxury goods grows. And in it there is nothing surprisingly as as the main players in this market buyers from abroad - Russians, Brazilians and Chinese. As experts note, trade in luxury real estate in Spain prospers despite difficulties in economy and extremely high (to 25%) unemployment rate among local population.

Past year in Spain it was sold one luxury goods, not including inhabited and commercial real estate, for the sum of 4,5 billion euro that is 25% more, than in 2010. Solvent foreigners generally acquired the jewelry, expensive cars, yachts, exclusive painting and art subjects, furniture, clothes.

The number of the Russians who have visited Spain, in the last two years grew twice. On statistical data in 2011 one million our compatriots here visited. As declares the Confidencial edition, natives of Russia - the main buyers of elite real estate in Costa Blanca and in other prestigious resorts of the southern coast of Spain. The cost of country houses in this area can make from five euros to seven million.

The newspaper notes what exactly Russians rescue the market of the Spanish real estate enduring deep crisis. For the small period of time they managed to get here several thousand units of expensive property, having bought not only country houses, but also mansions, cottages, apartments. On east coast of Spain, for example, in Costa Blanca, real estate prices are lower: here Russians buy generally apartments worth from 150 to 500 thousand euros and at home – from 1 to 3 million.