Cost per square meter of land

Created on 02.03.2014 13:45:21
Cost per square meter of land

Recent data on the real estate market
The crisis in the housing market has reduced the cost per square meter of land by 61% compared with pre-crisis prices.
Back in 2006 square meter of land in the province of Alicante cost 528 euros. Sharp decline occurred until 2011 , then in time the prices were kept at a constant level , and at the moment they figure is 204.6 euros per square meter of land.
Developers with the words : " Prices today are not very high , which corresponds to low demand , and in the province are not many highly profitable land for construction."
Since last year, the number of licenses issued for construction. Their number in 2013 was 2,062 across the province of Alicante, which is higher than previous years.
According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), one out of every two homes sold is purchased by foreigners in our province .
In 2013, 23,518 operations were carried out , of which 12,348 are owned by foreign nationals .